No, E-Bike will be shipped to your door about 95% assembled. Only the front wheel, handlebars, saddle, and pedals that you need to install yourself. There are no special skills or tools are required.
The electric bike motor will accelerate you up to 25 km/h.
When pedaling with PAS (pedal-assist system) the electric bike can go up to 40km on flat terrain. This is just an estimate based on a 70kg rider with medium pedal-assist.
If the rider is heavier, if there are hills and if you use high assistance, the range will be reduced.
Delivery will be made by courier, usually within 3-10 business days from payment. Some remote areas may take more time. Delivery time may vary for different states and can last for 2 weeks.
No. They are not loud at all. Compared to car or motorcycle engines, an electric bike is virtually silent.
Yes, especially with pedal assist. It will give you more power just when you need it. On steep hills, it is necessary in order to pedal lightly, but it is much easier as compared to a push bike.
No. The batteries are charged with a charger.
A full charge could take about 4-5 hours, but if you have only used the battery for a short time it will take less.
Our electric bikes are water-resistant but not waterproof and must not be submerged in water. We recommend not to ride them in heavy rain.
No. We use high-quality Lithium batteries which can be charged at any time. For best battery life keeps it topped up recharge it at least every 2 months. It is recommended to charge the battery after each trip.
Our batteries are rated at a minimum of 500 full charges. That means if you fully discharge 150 times per year, it will last for about 3 years.
DKY RETRO E-bike with 250w motors: No license or registration required. The same road rules apply as for regular bicycles. E-bikes with a motor power of more than 250w, for example, 500w or 750w must not be ridden on public roads. They should only be ridden "OFF-ROAD".
Yes, the parts are available for purchase separately. We offer the replacement for all parts of Retro S / R. Please do contact us if you can't find the parts in the shop you want.
Yes. We can add your logo on the bike and carton.
Yes. Just unfasten the button of the battery bag and you can take it off. It is convenient for you to charge at home. It is recommended to keep your battery in average temperature.
We do not recommend adjusting the speed and power of electric bikes because it is illegal in some countries and regions.