Why do you need to own a shaft-driven electric bike?

We can see that the chain drive is the most commonly used electric bicycle drive system. In contrast, shaft drives are rarely used on electric bicycles. Is an electric chainless bike really bad? And what’s different between both of them? Let’s show you how they work firstly.

Chain drive

The chain drive seems easy to work, mainly drives the chain through the crankshaft of the central shaft, and then the chain drives the hub of the rear axle to drive.

Shaft drive

Bevel gear lateral torque into a pedal. The rear half of the drive shaft passes through the drive shaft, the shaft of the rear wheel, and then through the bevel gear, converting the longitudinal moment into a transverse moment, and finally driving the wheel through the hub. Similar to the transmission principle of a car, but the structure is relatively simple, so the power loss during this transmission process is quite small.

Due to the high cost of the shaft drive technology, the chain drive of less cost and low technology threshold is more popular. However, the drive system is one of the most important components of electric bicycles. The low-tech chain drive system often leads to inevitable problems on electric bicycles, for example:

  • A large number of parts, there is much post-maintenance work, which requires frequent cleaning and maintenance.
  • Long riding time will cause the chain to become loose and become longer, causing the swing.
  • If the speed is too fast, it may lead to the possibility of chain scission and chain scission.

During the riding process, the friction between the chain and the crank group and the looseness of the chain may cause partial power loss.

Compared to chain electric bicycles, we have found that the shaft drive provides a better ride for electric bikes.

  • More Labor-Saving: riding light and energy-saving 22% compared with chain bicycles.
  • More Durable: fewer parts, less friction, long service life, 3.6 times that of chain bicycles.
  • Safer: there will be no accidents such as chain drop and chain bite. Accurate gear meshing also makes the pedalling smoother. Safety and reliability in riding are 9 times that of the chain bicycle.
  • More Flexible: because there is no large sprocket wheel, chain cover and other large parts, reduce resistance during operation, riding more convenient.
  • Cleaner: the shaft drive system is completely enclosed, perfect protection of its internal parts from external rain, sand, and dust, and will not pinch and contaminate clothing.
  • The Repair Is More Convenient: the structure is simple, compared with the chain shift car easy to repair is not easy to break, long-distance riding does not need to overhaul, only one lubricant per year, no frequent maintenance.

In fact, deserve to have a shaft-driven electric bike for your elegance, not just for sport, but to better feel the fun of riding. Just as interstate has created two retro series of shaft-driven electric bicycles, the advanced technology, and the retro fashion style is combined. The comfortable and elegant riding style is waiting for you to experience.