What Can You Do In 24 Hours Without Your Smartphone?

The smartphone had been a part of our life.

Could you image that if you can live a day without your phone?

And what kind of activities you can do?

1. Go to the gym

Spent 50 minutes at least to train your body.

2.Read a book

Read a book that you want to read for a long time ago from the library.

3.Date with your friends

Do most of the topics you chat with friends come from the Internet? 

Try to find the interesting topics that happening around you but are ignored by you.


4.Take a long distance cycling

Enjoying the wind blowing your face and the thrill of sweating. 

Also, you can take the Antlerslane electric bike if you are tired after a long day. 

The assist system can help you easier to ride.


5.Keep a diary to record this fantastic day

Try to write something with your pen, not a notebook or phone.


Nowadays, everyone is used to sharing their lives on the Internet. 

Why not try a day that not to be share and just stay in your own memory.