Have you successfully bought a ticket for the Tweed Run?

Tweed Run started in 2009, and it can be seen from the name that this "fancy riding" is different from other cycling activities targeting racing or kilometers. Participants dressed in classic British costumes walked on the vintage bicycles in various blocks of the city and sustained that the afternoon tea is a great enjoyment of life, of course, the tea break on the way.

The event prize categories for which all participants are eligible are "Best dressed man" "Best dressed woman" "Best vintage bicycle" "Best dressed bicycle" "Best moustache" "Best head gear" which to encourages people to dress up and ride vintage bikes.

The event is rapidly spreading around the world, such as Paris, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo, and Berlin, all with their own Tweed Run. Why not review the Tweed Run over the past few years?

In London

In Tokyo

 In Oldenburg

Here is the time and place of the Tweed Run that was announced, and remember to bring the vintage bike from DKY RETRO to participate!

-    24/03/2019 TWEED RUN IN VENICE   -
-   04/05/2019 TWEED RUN IN LONDON   -
- 28/04/2019 TWEED RUN IN GÜTERSLOH  -


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