Change your Exterior impression of an electric bike

Sick of driving around town in traffic? Consider getting an electric bike?

Then you’ll search for the keyword-electric bike.

In Amazon, there it is:

I know what you think of in your mind, maybe it is not my choice, can’t imagine the picture which you ride it on the road, just won’t fit you.

The style shown in the photo below is what you want.

In the traditional bicycle countries of Western Europe, electric bicycles are slowly entering the lives of ordinary people. In 2016, a total of 1.6 million electric bicycles were sold in Europe. In the Netherlands alone, half of the new bicycles sold are electric bicycles.

In fact, electric bikes are not all so ugly. Really, due to the development of lithium battery technology, the drive module of electric bicycles can be made smaller and lighter, and its performance is getting better and better. Here, we recommend a bike for you, hoping to subvert your impression of electric bikes.



This vintage bike is the most photographed in the town. Wherever you park it!