7 vintage bikes with exquisite designed

This article collects seven vintage bikes with exquisite designed, such as Faraday Porteur and Italijet Ascot Classic. It wil show you how exquisite they are.

BSG Wood.b Duomatic

BSG’s Wood.b combines the metal parts of a traditional bicycle with a refined wood structure. The appearance is its most significant advantage; each detail is full of luxury, looks more like artwork rather than a simple means of transport's vehicle architecture guarantees extremely long-lasting performance, and aluminum-coated parts reduce the weight of the vehicle to 35 pounds (31.8 kg).


Pashley Parabike

The British bicycle brand Pashley, founded in the period of King George V, has always been a classic British traditional design style. With the Brooks brand bench, rattle bell and wicker cart basket, the look are full of retro style.


GreenChamp Original

George Bernard Shaw once said that Youth is wasted on the young. So GreenChamp made this beautiful and straightforward bamboo balance bike. The pedal-less design of this bicycle seems only to allow children who are used to riding a three-wheeled bicycle to learn to ride a two-wheeled bicycle more quickly. However, the bamboo fiber used must be soaked in a honey sauce before use to prevent the bamboo from breaking when subjected to gravity, which ensures that the bicycle can be used to the maximum durability. Its performance and environmental protection concept is the best in design.

Faraday Porteur

This electric car from the United States cleverly hides the ugly battery and engine, which few manufacturers can do. Faraday hides the lithium battery in two parallel levers on the frame, which ensures the clean appearance of the bicycle and its academic temperament. The electric energy stored in this electric bicycle guarantees that people can ride 24 kilometers at a time.


Engeenius Cykno

Engeenius Cykno's bike has its unique structural beauty. A high-density lithium polymer battery powered the bicycle and made his m lightweight stainless steel combined with carbon fiber. It is made of high-quality leather and is full of Italian elegance. It is the perfect combination of vintage and modern. In the middle of the leather-wrapped area, there is a 250 or 500-watt motor, lithium-polymer battery pack and charger. It takes 4 hours to charge with a standard household power supply and can maintain 60 kilometers.

Italjet Ascot Classic

Since 1959, Italjet has developed more than 150 models of motorcycles and motorcycles. The company aims to innovate, predict fashion tastes and stay ahead. In 2014, Italjet launched a retro electric bike. It has always been adhering to the concept of deducting handmade products to the extreme. The famous Italian cobbler creates a full leather good and insists on the use of hand-made aluminum frames, so each electric bicycle has its unique brushed pattern.

DKYretro s

Retro S is a perfect blend of art and technique with smart design. Streamlined premium frame with a 304 stainless steel body assured uncompromising quality that lasts. The brushless motor makes high efficiency and performance in a great situation. The outstanding new driveshaft design system makes them clean, durable, and efficient. Italian genuine leather design and 100% handmade leather craft keep the taste of vintage.