6 habits of maintaining the battery

The battery is the core of an electric bicycle, which replacement is not only troublesome but also expensive. However, the damage of the battery is not completely caused by bad quality; more is due to the improper behavior in the process of cycling. Also, the degree of battery maintenance also determines battery life. Let's take a look at the methods and habits about the maintenance of the battery.


1.Control charging time

  • While a newly purchased electric bike, the first three charging times each should be limited to 10-12 hours, to give a whole fully charged before cycling. After that, each charge can be shortened limited to 6-10 hours.
  • In summer, the charging time cannot exceed 10 hours. And in winter, the electric power is insufficiently supplied because of the low temperature. So, the charging time should be prolonged in winter, but still no more than 12 hours.

2. Pay attention to the point in time of charging

  • Please do not use the battery power to the minimum when cycling, and develops the habit of charging in time when the remaining 20% of the battery.
  • Do not charge immediately after each long-distance ride. You should wait for the battery to cool for 10 to 30 minutes before charging, which can extend the battery life.

3.Charge by step

Charging by step is also one of the most important maintenance habits. Inserting the battery first and then plug in the power supply before charging. Oppositely, turning off the power first and then pull out the battery plug after taking a full charge.

4. Use the original charger

In most families, different members have different brands of electric bicycles. Therefore, there will be different brands of chargers, which often lead to mixed chargers. However, a mismatched charger can cause the battery to heat up during charging. Using a mismatched charger for a long time can damage the battery and shorten its life. Please use the original charger under normal conditions.

5.Regular maintenance

When the battery capacity of the electric bicycle is attenuated, it should be checked and repaired at the local electric bicycle store. Even if the battery capacity does not decay, it should be tested and maintained regularly.

6. Pay attention to the changing environment

77°F is the best ambient temperature for charging. However, it can't be 100% to maintain a constant temperature at 77°F. When the actual temperature is much lower or higher than 77 °F, arrange the charge in a ventilated and temperature-controlled environment is the best way.

Especially suggest that when the battery enters the warm room from the outdoor low-temperature state in winter, frost condensation will appear on the surface of the battery. To avoid leakage of the battery caused by frost condensation, it should be charged after the battery temperature rises to be close to the room temperature and dried.

battery protection system

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