3 Ways to Get Your Vintage Style

What is vintage?

Vintage is an attitude and ritual to your own life.

Chic and trendy are the topic for the modern world but something is missing:history.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel hit TV drama start a craze of vintage clothes and lifestyle. For men, though the ways are not various compared to ladies, Elvis Presley and James Dean are classic idols.


Today DKY RETRO shares 3 Ways to get your vintage style.

Have a 50s hairstyle

For gentlemen from the last century, they are always serious about their hair. Hair spray and comb are daily essentials.

In that time, many long-lasting and classic hairstyles were born, which applied on runway and icons.

In thirty, grease head and moustache were in popular. Without the moustache, Cary Grant still looks good with grease.

During the 1950s, pompadour was a huge hit, Elvis Presley’s signature hairstyle. Most of the hair volume is on the top. Make curves with hand and keep it place with hair spray. An Elvis Presley style is done. 

Another icon is James Dean, from head to toe every single part cannot miss. The key to JD hairstyle is fluffy, casual and stylish.

Develop an old fashion hobbit

Every day we are bombarded by electronics and flashy eye catchers so having a vintage habit help you own an authentic vintage lifestyle. Like 1970s boy can learn Disco steps. 


A film camera can be a good choice. Developing and printing give a sense of old time.

Get a Unique Vintage Must-have

Be a unique vintage, this would be the first recommendation if you want to be on trend and still stand out individually.

Vintage E-Bike!


Biking becomes a lifestyle and turns into an accessory. The vintage e-bike is recommended for two reasons:

1. Vintage style match your daily clothes suit or vintage dress.

2. Give you a healthy and trendy lifestyle.

A Genuine Leather design Keep the taste of vintage.

Trendy and chic Retro Front Light Classic and retro front light make you a winner when getting around town.

Craftsmanship Detail makes perfection. Retro S dedicate to make every part delicate and vintage.

DKY RETRO vintage bike perfectly combined new and high shaft drive system decorated with vintage retro style.Satisfied all your need: Fashioned and Functional.